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Our Vision

The FISHISON.ca website has been designed with one purpose: to create Canada’s First and Largest Online Multi-Vendor Fishing Tackle Store for the recreational fishing community. Bringing together Canada’s tackle, custom lure manufacturers and the avid fishermen on one, easy to use, centralised marketplace.


In 2017 in planning for a saltwater fishing trip, we spent a while trying to find equipment online which wasn’t possible. During the summer Salmon seasons, having to shop online and in stores reinforced the lack of a one stop shop. The FISHISON.ca site is here to change this for the better of all enthusiasts of this wonderful sport.

The Team

Roman (Fish Fanatic) Chief Fish Fanatic

Ash (Reelburnz) The Money Man

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We welcome you to join us on this adventure into the new era of online fishing tackle stores and experiences, where customers will enjoy 24/7 access to your inventory from the convenience of their homes and smart devices and  your store or brand enjoys the increased revenues and exposure.

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