Canada’s First Online Multi-Vendor Fishing Tackle Store Leave a comment Launches Canada’s First Online Multi-Vendor Fishing Tackle Store.

The FISHISON website has been designed with one purpose: to create Canada’s First Online Multi-Vendor Fishing Tackle Store for the recreational fishing community. Bringing together Canada’s tackle, custom lure manufacturers and the avid fishermen on one, easy to use, centralised marketplace. Our commission is lower than other available marketplaces. The FISHISON platform is geared solely towards the recreational
fishing industry in Canada.

As a vendor on the FISHISON marketplace, you will have access to everything you need to sell your products online. From setting up your storefront (see pic below) to adding all of your products, managing your inventory, shipping, taxes and customers – we have it all covered in an easy to use website. Added enhancements will include full video reviews of your products in action, benefiting the sales experience.

As a customer, you get access to much wider range of tackle online, which has never been easily available in the past. You can still support your local tackle store if they sign-up as a vendor right from the comforts of your home.

We are looking forward to growing this together with all of you!


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